Connected Fitness Companies Are Creating Hypergrowth

Connecting Customer to Viral Products with Viral Social Media Strategies

The home fitness market used to consist of a bleak, cramped space that housed a treadmill and a few weights. Maybe a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Very quickly, that space would become an ironing room. The weights would be forgotten, and the treadmill would be an expensive clothes airer.

Today, that workout space is a dedicated high-tech heaven. Connected fitness companies like Peloton have revolutionized how we think about home fitness. 

Today, you get to work out at home with thousands of others participating with you. Your progress is measured against others, and your fitness drive is urged forward by people like you all around the world.

The connected fitness companies in this space have entered the home so successfully because of great products that have gone viral and with great viral marketing. They’ve used social media exceptionally well. 

In this article, we look at six of the companies that have hit exponential growth on social media – especially on Instagram.


The Tonal Smart Home Gym is wall-mounted and gives you a workout that you would get in a traditional gym using a fold-out bench, cables, and magnetic weights. It comes with an interactive LED screen and an AI personal trainer. A great product that has been propelled sky-bound by great social media marketing.

Tonal captures its audience by sharing its brand and product across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It partners with influencers and like-minded brands to share its content on its blog and has been featured in media that include The New York Times, CNBC, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch.

The Tonal Instagram account has 192,000 followers and has posted almost 800 times. Its community includes Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Maria Sharapova, Mike Tyson, and Sue Bird. Pretty impressive for a company that was only founded in 2015.


Who doesn’t watch a fight and want to get into fighting fitness like the boxers in the ring? Now you can do this in your home gym, with FightCamp’s personal home boxing gym that equips you with a punching bag and high-tech mitts that measure your performance – including count, speed, intensity, and type of punch thrown.

You get live stats, can share with the FightCamp gym community, and even take part in community competitions.

On its Instagram account, it posts seven-day workouts, challenge details, and reviews, and allows personal trainers to post about their workouts. Founded in 2016, FightCamp has 81,000 followers on Instagram.


Mirror’s tagline is ‘The nearly invisible home gym’. In fact, it’s an interactive LED screen that looks like a mirror. ‘Behind it’ you’ll find certified trainers who deliver real-time feedback based on your goals and preferences to maximize results in minimized time.

But enough about how great their product is. What about their social media?

They enable content to be shared from some of the country’s leading fitness studios, enabling users to access fantastic fitness experiences. 

On its Instagram, you’ll find more than 50 workout classes, as well as promo videos, and videos posted by members. The result of this viral connection? To date, 1,566,000 followers from just 644 posts.

Echelon Fit

Echelon started its life with a smart bike and streaming classes. It quickly added products that include a treadmill, rower, and its competitor to Mirror, its Reflect. You get access to instructors, and to compete/exercise alongside other riders through its Echelon app.

Echelon’s Instagram account delivers news and views, shares its challenges, and includes details about its ‘Sweatsgiving ‘event. Since it started life in 2018, Echelon has gathered around 47,000 followers on Instagram, having posted only 373 times.


iFit connected fitness delivers interactive personal training to your home, via more than 16,000 on-demand workouts and more than 130 live workouts weekly. Its Instagram pages link directly to its blog, but perhaps its best content is the videos posted by its iFit family. After 1,449 posts, it is approaching 200,000 followers.


Tempo’s 3D-enabled personal training system employs live trainers who are on call (yep, really!). The system allows you to accurately track your progress and receive real-time feedback.

On Instagram, a major part of Tempo’s success has been its tagging strategy. This is done in the image of the post, and only the content creator can tag people. A tagged post shows up in a separate notification and helps people stand out. It ensures that the account sees that post.

Also, when a post is tagged, it is placed on a separate tab on their Instagram profile, creating a huge gallery of user-generated content about the brand.

This strategy has led to many thousands of shares and helped pump up their community to more than 50,000 followers. From only 168 posts, this is a tremendous achievement.

Connected fitness – connected on social media

What was already a trend of fitness moving into the home has been accelerated by the pandemic. Connected fitness companies like those we have highlighted in this article have employed viral tactics on social media to explode their follower and user numbers.

This sector is growing rapidly, and the products offered to customers are undergoing innovation at an unprecedented rate. The companies that are growing most rapidly haven’t focused only on innovating their products, but have innovated their social media strategies too. 

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