Why Some Things Stress You Out

Do you ever notice that there are certain activities, tasks, projects, etc., that stress you? On the flip side, there are other ones that feel effortless, if not downright joyful to engage in. It’s apparent in business, but quite easily noticed in all aspects of your lives.

Why is that? I’ll tell you. It comes down to your personal quiver of expertise.

Some call it “zone of genius” or “core competency.” We prefer the term “unique ability” and it’s a critical factor for success on so many levels.

It’s what you’re passionate about and, therefore, almost assuredly exceptional at. To use more common businessy language, you may consider it your key differentiator as well.

So, how does this tie into stress? I’ll use a personal example…

I hate bookkeeping…and frankly, I’m not good at it. The mere thought makes my blood pressure rise and I feel a compulsion to do basically ANYTHING else – I’ve been known to procrastinate from it by emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry (yes, it’s that bad).

Now, I know a lot of people, like my wife, who find bookkeeping to be quite fulfilling and even enjoyable. Those same people may find what I do on a daily basis horrifying – building relationships, coaching entrepreneurs, and asking deeply important questions.

Today I offer you a simple, and effective way to start isolating your unique ability. And, like many processes of self-discovery, it starts with taking inventory.

Take a good look at your day (or week) and classify your time spent into four different categories:

Incompetency – Like bookkeeping for me. These are activities that you strongly dislike and are not very good at. These should be delegated as soon as humanly possible.

Competency – These are things that you’re probably “okay” at, but others can do it better, faster, and with more excitement. These are next on the list to delegate.

Excellence – These are things that you’re definitely good at and may have even built a reputation for. In my world, that maybe coaching fitness or marketing a gym. I’ve seen success there, but I’m not fully passionate about it. This isn’t a bad place to be, but in many ways, the biggest trap of them all.

Unique Ability – What are the things that you have an unbridled passion for? The things you could do ALL day with boundless energy and excitement. This is your calling and where you bring exceptional value to clients, teammates, and the marketplace in general.

The goal is to get to 70% of your time spent within your unique ability. It probably won’t happen overnight, but if you view your business this way and commit to making incremental adjustments towards this goal, you will find success. That’s a promise.

You’ll build a great team and a great business that aligns fully with your ideal lifestyle. The best part about it is that it won’t even feel like “work.”

If you’ve taken inventory and looking for the next step, book a call by clicking the following link and we’ll explore the options – BOOK A CALL

P.P.S. Are you looking for a faster way to take inventory of the bigger picture? Don’t worry, we’ve done that work for you too. Set aside 10min and take our free Entrepreneurial Assessment and found out how you’re doing


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