At Level 5 Mentors, we understand that entrepreneurs are driven to change the world.  But only when they have an authentic vision of personal success can they expand their impact through business and alongside others.

We achieve this by providing clarity in the 5 Entrepreneurial Freedoms™ of Money, Health, Relationships, Purpose and Time.


Prior to beginning his coaching career Ken was responsible for starting and successfully running several businesses. In his early 20s, he successfully built a company in the graphics industry and took it from zero to 5 million in sales in 2 years, then sold the company to Canada’s largest printer.

His second company was created to serve the needs of the “on-location” film industry. He created a post-production editing suite that could be shipped by air, land or sea to any location in the world, where movie directors could view the dailies of any large-budget movie. After proof of concept the company (and its intellectual property) was sold to Sony pictures.

From 1995 – 2001 Ken was the Managing Partner of a mid sized private equity fund. During the 7-year term, the fund had an impressive 21% year-over-year return to its investors. During this time Ken traveled on average of 300 days per year and was often asked how he stayed so fit with such a hectic schedule. He replied that without fitness, he could not support his team to success. He made fitness a priority. While many of his colleagues dealt with stress by going to the bar, Ken chose to go to the gym–a simple choice with huge impact. It was here that Ken learned the most about what he was willing to endure, and other simple lessons of what can happen when you don’t quit.

After the divestiture of the fund, Ken decided that he wanted to help his colleagues change their lives. These were individuals that were living their economic dreams: private jets, fancy homes, huge incomes. But what they were missing was health and wellness. Many worked so hard they forgot the value of true wellness.

Upon creating his training business, Ken convinced 20 business friends to allow him to change their lives. Soon he was working with executive assistants, scheduling workouts into the executives’ days, scheduling proper nutrition and hiring trainers all around the world to ensure that they were getting their workouts done. The change was incredible. Many of those original clients are still training with Ken and his team to this day.

Ken has trained thousands of people and continues to change lives in incredibly meaningful ways. His training business today employs 14 people and trains an average of 160 people every day. When asked, clients will most commonly say this association has changed their lives. Today, Ken has spent the last 3 years building a corporate health and wellness company from zero to 8 figures in less than 3 years. He also owns Reebok CrossFit Ramsay in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which has grown from humble beginnings in his basement to over 11,000SqFt and more than 300 members.


Eric’s professional experience stems from a decade in the corporate sector. Starting from the bottom to eventually leading nationwide sales teams. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Eric pulled the corporate ejector seat and opened his first business in 2009, Gravitas Fitness. After 9+ years of owning successful multiple brick and mortar businesses and a deep analysis of his own “ideal day,” Eric decided to sell his businesses with the purpose of creating a bigger impact in the fitness & health industry while living the lifestyle that him and his wife have always dreamed of.

Since that point, he is now the host of two top rated podcasts – The Future of Fitness and Fitness Blitz Radio – Eric has interviewed 500+ professionals in the areas of fitness, health, and wellness. He is the co-founder of Certified Course Creation and the Fitness Accelerator networking community. Eric lives a nomadic lifestyle balanced with hard driving business development and new adventures in nature, culture, and travel.

His vast network and business experience has led him to co-found Level 5 Mentors – a business and life coaching program unlike any other. Eric is now completely committed to helping entrepreneurs think bigger and pursue their unique version of their own ideal day.

“We see many entrepreneurs asking the wrong questions and, as a result, spending years actually moving away from their desired results.”
~ Eric Malzone Co-Founder – Level 5 Mentors

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