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Do you find yourself stuck in a business that isn’t producing like it used to? Does it feel like you’ve lost faith over your dream? This could be a sign that you need to reflect on your purpose and realign your business with your personal goals to revive your dying company.

Rediscovering your entrepreneurial mojo

Why have you chosen the life of an entrepreneur? We doubt that it is money. At least, that’s not the main motivator. Of course, you want financial freedom to buy the time that allows you to do what you love best. But that’s not the real reason you became an entrepreneur, is it?

Purpose gives your business its meaning

If you only wanted the money, you’d find a better paying job. You’d negotiate a salary increase. You’d work more hours. You’d get better qualified. You’d rob a bank. Okay, scratch that last one. You get what we mean.

Successful entrepreneurs start businesses that do more than make money. They have a meaning that they translate into a business. Walt Disney didn’t create the Disney brand to sell theme park tickets. He wanted to ‘create happiness for others’. Steve Jobs made his purpose Apple’s overriding business principle – to ‘think different’ – and revived the company.

When you love what you do, you do great work. When what you do is driven by a sense of purpose, you create empires.  That is how you revive a dying business.

Purpose gives your life and your business its destination. It’s your guiding star. It connects you to your network and engages your customers. It is the fire that fuels your passion for what you do. It’s what directs the impact you and your business make on the world around you. It gives you your uniqueness – and that uniqueness is what sells your products and services to loyal customers.

Your values guide your purpose

There is no doubt that your values are what drive you. They determine your beliefs, and guide how you do the things you do. You attract like-minded people into your network. Most importantly, your values guide your life purpose.

What is purpose? It’s the objective you set for yourself. It’s your life or business goal. When your values and purpose align, you’ll care more about creating than you do about profits – and this will drive your profits. Your business becomes sustainable because it has purpose. It has meaning. It attracts a loyal following who share that purpose. They believe in your business, because they believe in its purpose – ultimately, they believe in you.

You don’t find your purpose, you create it

You don’t suddenly find your purpose. It doesn’t appear like a stop light turning green. You create purpose. You ask the hard questions of yourself to discover your ‘why’. Sometimes it can take years to learn what your purpose is.

Bill Gates built Microsoft. He spent every waking hour on it, and then some. He created software to make people’s lives easier. But he left the company a decade earlier than he had planned. The reason was because he had learned what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He openly admits that his perspective was changing as he entered his mid-40s. With his wife, he launched the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The more involved he became, the more he realized that this was his reason why.

To create your purpose, you must first have a deep understanding of your values. You need to look behind your reflected image and rediscover the experiences and events that have made you the person you are. You need to learn about what makes you happy. Only then will you know your purpose.

Your purpose drives your evaluation of success

What does success really mean? All the money in the world will be useless if you don’t have the time to enjoy it, or if its use does not fulfil your purpose.

Aligning your purpose to your definition of success is critical to leading a meaningful and fulfilled life. If you tie your success to financial goals, you will invariably make short-term decisions. You’ll be tied to making the next buck instead of building for a sustainable future.

Understanding your values, discovering your purpose, and aligning your success with that purpose empowers you to develop a business strategy that will enable your business to grow to its full potential. Most importantly, it will allow you to live the life you desire and deserve now.

Create your entrepreneurial life with purpose

Successful entrepreneurs fulfil their promise because they build successful businesses. The most successful lead meaningful and fulfilled lives because they have discovered their purpose and build businesses aligned with this. They attract customers with whom this purpose resonates, and they develop self-fulfilling networks that propel revenues.

We work with our clients to help them understand their true values, discover their purpose, and align that purpose to a business strategy designed to develop a USP that engages a loyal customer base – customers that become brand advocates, drive business growth, and revive a dying business.

To develop sustainable businesses as an entrepreneur, first learn about yourself and create your purpose. To discover how Level 5 Mentors can help you do this, book a free call today.

Do you find yourself stuck in a business that isn't producing like it used to?  Does it feel like you lost faith over your dream?  Learn what it takes to rejuvenate your business now.

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