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Challenge Your Mind and Achieve Your Potential

What Can You Expect to Get From 10x Business Coaching?

That’s a question that we get asked often by entrepreneurs when they are first considering coaching and mentoring by Level 5 Mentors. This one question has prompted us to put together an article to give you more of an understanding of what 10x growth means and a little about how it works.

10x moves you away from entrepreneurial errors

Your life as an entrepreneur has been shaped way before you become an entrepreneur. You may have taken business classes, been involved in some big-picture thinking as a corporate executive, or you may be the child of small business owners. 

The point is that all the experiences and education you’ve had to date create a specific way of thinking when you go into business. We’ve seen this with so many of our clients who have become stuck. Their business has stagnated, they can’t get it to grow fast, and they’re spending more and more time in their business rather than on it.

What 10x coaching does is agitates a new growth mindset. A new way of thinking about your business and personal life. If you want the 5 Entrepreneurial Freedoms™ (the freedoms of money, health, relationships, purpose, and time), it’s essential that you develop a 10x mindset. This will help you overcome the four biggest mistakes that you’re making right now:

  1. Setting your goals too low

  2. Underestimating how much effort it takes

  3. Spending too much time competing in your sector, instead of dominating it

  4. Underestimating the amount of adversity you will face

Simply put, you’re stuck because you don’t think big enough and don’t act big enough. This is where 10x business coaching is invaluable – because it’s virtually impossible to change the way you think without that help.

Trash the traditional way of thinking

All our lives, we’re taught to think inside the box. For example:

  • We think that 2% inflation is acceptable – because that’s what the FED says

  • We expect growth on investments of around 7%, because that’s what our financial advisor says is usual

  • We expect pay rises in line with inflation, because that’s what the Union tells us is fair

  • We expect our businesses to grow by around 8% or 10%, because that’s what business gurus teach us is a good growth rate

Can you see the pattern? We absorb all this info, and it sticks in our memory. It shapes our way of thinking. When we go into business, we immediately and naturally think that 8% or 10% growth is a good result. If you’re thinking this way, you’re not thinking big enough.

One of the first things we work on as business coaches is to get you to trash the traditional mindset and think big. Believe us, 10x growth is easier than 2x growth. Instead of setting a target to grow your business by 10%, 10x this. Let’s aim for 100% growth. What’s stopping you?

Banish the barriers to success

We’ve heard all the excuses for missing targets. Here are a few:

  • “I don’t have the time to do what’s needed.”

  • “It’s politics. The government changed and screwed my business.”

  • “My competitors can make the same product at half the price I can.”

  • “I didn’t have the cash flow to sustain my business.”

  • “I couldn’t risk too much: my family depends on my income.”

There are two common denominators in all these excuses – ‘I’ and ‘me’.

You have a duty to be successful. Your actions will create your success. 

For example, why don’t you have the time to grow your business faster? Develop your network, contract or employ expertise, free your time. 

Are you going to let others dictate your success? A change of government should not stop you from being successful, even if you are selling to government.

If your competitors can make the same product as you at half the price, what do you need to do to show that your product or service deserves premier pricing? How do you provide uniqueness?

Your family depends on your income. How different could things be if you could provide not only the income, but also your time?

Coaching will help you to challenge your current views of the world, challenge yourself, and go all in.

Identify and satisfy the needs of your business

Often, entrepreneurs are too close to their business to identify what it needs to grow. They are spending too much time in their business and not enough time on their business. When this happens, you end up working to accomplish other people’s goals and not your own. The two objectives don’t have to be incompatible.

If you find that you are often fighting fires and doing things at the last minute, it’s a clear sign that your business is not working for you. How do you change this? Identify what your business needs and then satisfy those needs. If you’re fearful of doing this, it’s a clear sign that you need to do this.

Entrepreneurs who are stuck often start to think ‘either/or’. You either accept a new client or you don’t. Why does your choice have to be this way? A mentor can help you shift this way of thinking to ‘all and everything’. You can take on that new client, you just need to find a way to do it – identify the need and satisfy it.

Never lose sight of your vision 

You started your business with great intentions. But you’ve got stuck. It’s time to revisit your vision and commit to it and to doing the hard things. Your personal and entrepreneurial goals must come first. You can figure out the details later.

Massive action is required to hit your goals. That action is within your capability. A life and business coach could be the key that unlocks your full potential.

Take the shackles off to 10x your growth

Mindset is the biggest barrier to your growth. When you release yourself from the shackles of your traditional thinking, you free your potential to ignite your personal and business growth. Business coaching will help you:

  • Redefine your measure of success

  • Develop your network and relationships

  • Focus on the needs of your business to grow your business

  • Remove the invisible barriers to success that are holding you back

  • Instill the 10x growth mentality that is needed to attain your goals

Are you ready for the exciting opportunity to 10x your growth with 10x business coaching? Take the Entrepreneur Assessment now to find out. The next five minutes could be the step that helps you set foot on the path to 10x your business and your life.

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