Being a mindful leader of a purpose-led business

Why purposeful and mindful leadership?

Purposeful leadership is the key that opens the door to true entrepreneurial success. It is the intangible quality that helps the entrepreneur create, develop, and build a sustainable business.

If you’ve chosen a path as an entrepreneur because of the potential to make vast sums of money, you’re in the wrong business; whatever business you’re in. While society has conditioned people to equate money and material things as demonstrative of success, they are, in fact, the by-products of success.

However, the world is changing. More than any other year we can remember, 2020 has been a year in which people have looked inward. As they have done so, they have started to question what they do, for whom, and why. The last of these has become a major issue for many people. If your business doesn’t exist because of its why, you are unlikely to develop sustainability.

Can a mindful leadership approach help connect your why to that of your employees?

Meaningful work translates into healthy workplaces

In recent research conducted by McKinsey & Company, it has been found that people who have a strong sense of purpose at work are more resilient and report wellbeing five times greater than those who don’t. These purposeful employees are going to be more engaged with what they do and how they do it.

In its Putting People to Work survey, PwC found that 83% of employees put ‘meaning in day-to-day work’ in the top three reasons or purpose at work. In contrast, business leaders prioritize the commercial side of purpose, with a reputation for growth and innovation as the stand-out value of purpose.

Moreover, in research published in the Harvard Business Review, nine out of ten people said they would be willing to work for less if it meant doing more meaningful work.

You cannot afford to ignore such compelling evidence. The lesson is that entrepreneurs must develop meaningful work in a purpose-led business. Being open to the power of mindful leadership is integral to developing a more meaningful and purpose-led business.

Helping people to realize their purpose

Mindful leadership coaching helps leaders to help their people explore their own sense of purpose and self-worth within a business. Leaders who adopt a mindful approach are free of pre-conceived notions, are non-reactive, and act with permissive attention.

First, as a leader you clear your mind of the noise that can cloud judgement. This enables you to listen more intently to your people, understand more readily, and develop empathy. This void of pre-conceived notion enables the employee to understand that you value their opinions, their views, and their emotional state. It shows you care.

Second, you don’t react to provocation. Instead, you learn about the needs of the employee and you respond without judgment. This allows you to explore different perspectives without any acrimony. Thoughts become connected and this provides the foundation for exploration of purpose. You become a collaborator with your employee without manipulating.

Third, you provide permissive attention. You help the employee stay on track without action on your behalf. You learn what is important to the employee, and this allows you to draw connections between your purpose and the values and individual purpose of your employee. Individual and organizational purpose become synchronized.

Aligning your purpose with your employees’ purpose

Of course, synchronizing your purpose with that of your people is not possible unless you have discovered your purpose. What is your reason for being? Why does your company do what it does and where it does it? Why do you interact with the people you do and serve the customers you do?

From this understanding of your purpose, you can create a vision for the impact you desire to make in your sphere of influence – your customers, employees, suppliers, and your network. This vision is where the purpose and meaning connect to create commitment. The kind of commitment that chasing profit for the sake of profit can never develop.

What tactics have you used to develop business sustainability? How do you connect your employees to your purpose? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll try to share your experiences and advice in future articles and Black Diamond podcasts.

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