Client in the Spotlight: Menachem Brodie of Human Vortex Training

The Power of Mentorship and Reflection

We’ve recently had the pleasure of speaking with Menachem Brodie of Human Vortex Training, to get his take on what difference mentorship and reflection is making to him and his business.

Human Vortex Training is the brainchild and business founded by Menachem. The business provides strength training for cyclists and triathletes who want to move better, look better, feel better, and unlock their untapped potential and power.

Eric Malzone is Menachem Brodie’s mentor – providing the guidance for Menachem to realize his untapped business potential through mentorship and reflection.

How the mentorship relationship started

“I’d just started getting into investing – I’d never put money away toward retirement – and was getting ready to ask my wife to marry me. I’d purchased the ring. Suddenly it’s not just me… I needed income to support my wife and me. Not that I’m the sole breadwinner. – Menachem.

Menachem started working with Eric Malzone in 2017. He’d been running his business for a while, but things were beginning to get serious. 

At that time, strength training for cyclists was starting to get big, but the advice out there was poor. Really poor. This realization – combined with the fact that, after 21 years of working long hours and balancing multiple jobs, he was tired – compelled Menachem to connect with Eric at Level 5 Mentors.

After their initial meeting, Eric said something to Menachem that he has never forgotten:

“You really know your stuff. You need to be on more podcasts. You need to do more, get your story out there, and build a tribe.”

Suddenly, Menachem realized that he could help more people, make more products, and work less. And so, his relationship with Eric as his business coach and mentor began.

Business is full of obstacles and potential

At the beginning, I suffered from imposter syndrome. Like, ‘Who am I to share this stuff?’ Then it was the overwhelm. There’s all these other coaches… that were selling 50-, 60-, 70k-a-year programs.”

Menachem first started in a group mentoring program with Eric before moving to one-to-one coaching. 

The big questions he needed to get his head around? “What am I going to make and who’s going to buy from me?” He had no web presence, no podcast visibility, and had only published a couple of blogs.

Now, where’s he at?

It’s early-stage for Menachem. He currently has 25 students with a target of 6,130 in the next three years. Instead of tagging himself as the leader for strength training for cycling and triathlon, he expects to be recognized as such by other people. And he expects his book, Strength Training for Cycling Performance: The Vortex Method’s Ultimate Training Program, to sell 40k to 50k copies.

“I think for me, that’s the biggest thing: to be seen as an educational leader in the field.”

If he gets to the numbers he is targeting for followers, he knows that he will have achieved this goal because the content he is publishing will be both valuable and shared.

It helps to have people in your corner

There’s a spot outside the city – about a 10-minute drive – where I go to sit above the beach. Somedays, I think. Somedays, I talk out loud… It started with me going up there to practice gratitude… Now there are times when I’ll go up there, just sit, and just think. It depends.  This ‘me-time’ is energizing and revitalizing. It lets me kind of just work things out.”

Menachem is certain that having his wife and Eric in his corner has been invaluable in his quest to overcome obstacles and deal with setbacks. He’s learned that Eric makes observations that he takes back to his wife, and the interplay has helped to develop his perception.

The power of reflection 

Some days, reflection is not nice. It’s negative self-talk. Reflection is a time that takes a step back and digests all the big pieces.”

Reflection time has allowed Menachem to process what it is that he really needs to hit his business goals. He knows he doesn’t need a million things to hit high growth, for example. Reflection gives him the opportunity to take a step back and see things more clearly.

What he is less good at is looking at what has been going well. He tends to focus on what hasn’t been working – which is why he finds his gratitude sessions so important. They help to remind him about the good in his life and business and remain motivated. 

Setting a reflection routine

Once a week I need to make it up here. To the spot. Or find another spot. I think once a week will work for me right now.”

Menachem says that he makes time to chill every night – at least five minutes with the sunset – but believes that it is important to have a routine where reflection time is blocked out. Right now, that’s once a week for him.

Menachem usually takes chocolate or soda with him but doesn’t dump his technology. While he has tried to do so, he’s found that having his cellphone with him can be enlightening. For example, if he checks his emails three times in a row, it’s an indicator that he is stressing about something.

“I tried music once or twice, but it didn’t really help. I think just getting there is what works for me.”

Mentorship is powerful

“Eric has a lot of experience in the fitness industry as well as understanding the greater workings. It’s not just, ‘Let’s do this and then this will happen’. What I really like about it is that he’s known me well enough to trigger me out of it, and move me away from the negative.”

Menachem has found that his sessions with Eric are super-productive. He benefits from an outside perspective, talking things through with a mentor who has specific knowledge in this space. It’s a great way to help balance the negatives and positives. It’s real talk, with no hard conversation left unexplored.

Eric often suggests that Menachem should discuss something with his wife and spiritual guide, as well as making suggestions of connections that Menachem should pursue.

“It’s not just, ‘This is what works today and then three months later, ‘Okay, what are we doing here?’ I think this is really valuable, with enjoyment on both sides – the mentor and mentee – and it feels like we’re both learning stuff, which is nice.”

The difference that mentorship makes

What makes this different is the extent of Eric’s knowledge, the depth of his knowledge, and that he actually cares.”

“Anytime you work with someone who understands the nuances, and who has been where you’ve been on a number of levels and understands how to get out – that creates value for you as the mentee. With reflection, because a lot of fitness businesses are solopreneurs, we gain a lot of perspective and the ability to understand that someone is there to help.”

Eric understands when it’s time to switch things up, from taking time to reflect to taking action to make things happen. He makes it easy to do this, in a way that Menachem sums up in four words:

  • Reflection

  • Action

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

Eric’s mentoring has helped Menachem to lower the level of connection with teammates, with the ability to unload and have someone to help the direction of work. It has also helped Menachem to see the true value of real leadership – not to be pulled down one path, but to be inspired to choose the right path and set the course for the future.

Reflection: A tool on a Swiss Army knife of training techniques

I do use reflection with my clients, but it is one tool on a Swiss Army knife if you will.”

Menachem has learned to use reflection in his own work with clients, though it depends upon the client. It’s a technique that is available to him to build bespoke training regimes that work not only for the physique of a client but also to work on the mental strength and health when and where needed.

Reflection: Make it a tool in your arsenal

Are you struggling to achieve your personal or professional potential? Book a free call with Level 5 Mentors today, and learn how we can help you achieve your potential in business using reflection among many other techniques.

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