Entrepreneurial Euphoria

Could you count the number of times throughout your work day that you feel energized, lit up, and euphoric?  Probably not, right? Because feelings often go unnoticed when you are focusing on serving clients, marketing your business, and trying to hit your financial goals.

The truth is, so many entrepreneurs fail to notice those good feelings because they are fleeting.  Many times they are trying to do it all, wear all of the hats, and end up spending the majority of their time working outside of their unique ability.  It’s exhausting.  It’s stressful. It’s the reason the snooze button is practically worn out…

Then there are the tasks you could do for days.  The ones that make you feel energized. The ones you have unbridled passion for.  The ones that make you think, “I can’t believe I actually get paid to do this! It’s a dream come true!”  Snooze button? What’s that?!

Feeling constantly energized by the work you are doing is no urban legend; it comes when you spend the majority (70%+) working in your unique ability.

In this post we guided you through classifying your time spent performing tasks into four categories.  Now you get to take it a step further and evaluate how such actions make you feel.

After performing each task throughout the day – be it a sales call, email follow-up, podcast recording, social media posts, blogging, bookkeeping, client calls, etc. – take a few minutes and survey your energy.  Are you excited, energized, and euphoric? Are you completely drained, sad, or even angry? Are you just kind of “blah”? Whatever the energy is, pay attention to it. Write it down if you need to so that you can understand how it feels to work within your unique ability.  Trust us, you’ll want to stay there all the time!

Since each day in an entrepreneur’s life looks a bit different, you’ll want to perform this energy audit fairly regularly.  The goal is to get to at least 70% of your time spent working within your unique ability. This is where the feeling of freedoms of time, money, happiness, relationships, and purpose increase dramatically. 

Another bonus of working in your unique ability: once you’ve got a firm grasp on the actions and activities that set your soul on fire, you will easily be able to identify opportunities that are and are not a good fit.  From here, you’ll either answer with a resounding “HELL YES!”, or a polite, “Thank you for thinking of me, but I respectfully decline.”

And that’s a very powerful thing. For both business and life.

A vast majority of our calls with clients are spent, not on the current business as it exists, but understanding the entrepreneur and helping them understand themselves as to why they built the business the way they built it…. And inevitably, what needs to change to fit how they measure and achieve success.  

If you are performing these audits and now need a sounding board – someone who can be super objective without worrying about hurting your feelings – book a call with us here.  It is so critical to have this outside perspective if you’re really looking to move your business forward, while experiencing that entrepreneurial euphoria.


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