Intentionality Creates Clarity

When you realize that all of your achievements, progress, and satisfaction comes from telling yourself and others exactly what you want. 

 I’ve been listening to  entrepreneurs for years, and by paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, I’ve picked up on how important a skill it is in an entrepreneur’s life to be clear up front about what their goals are. 

This skill extends to expressing what you want in such a way that you give context to whoever you are communicating with, and the person hearing you can understand the complete picture in the entrepreneur’s mind and why it’s so important to the entrepreneur. 

In some cases, if all that you’re communicating is content, people you’re working with will have all sorts of questions and end up with some confusion. They’ll be unclear about why you’re suggesting what you’re suggesting and what it’s supposed to look like. 

In this way, what started out as a clear picture in your mind becomes a series of unclear pictures in other people’s minds, and they feel responsible for sorting out what you want. Trying to do that becomes the first stage or stages of the project. This can lead to frustration on your part because everyone else isn’t picking up on what you’re seeing. 

The problem is that in this situation, you didn’t put the listeners in a position where they could really get a clear picture of what you’ve visualized and understand the importance of it. 


Number one success skill. 

This is where intentionality comes in. Intentionality means being completely clear on your goal in your own mind and then taking other people into account when you’re communicating it to them. It means that you’re totally understandable, and that you’re communicating in such a way that other people can become not only totally clear themselves, but also excited and motivated to achieve your vision. 

The ability to be intentional up front comes ahead of any other skill an entrepreneur might have, and becoming more intentional in more situations is the key to multiplying the impact of every area where you’re already achieving success. 

How best achievements start. 

If you think back over your career, you’ll discover that your best achievements were invariably the result of clearly telling yourself and others what you wanted at the very beginning of the project. 


A place of intentionality is not only where all of the best achievements in your past have started, it’s also where they’re starting right now, and where they’ll start in the future. This applies to every type of project, in both your professional life and your personal life. 

Knowing exactly what you want. 

Your best strategy for achieving greater cooperation with other people, whether other entrepreneurs or your team, is to know what it is you want before you get anyone else involved with your idea. 

Ask yourself the following Questions before involving others…

What is it that I want to accomplish?

Why is that important?

What is the ideal outcome?

What has to be true when this is complete?


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