The Buyers Mindset

What I’m about to share could very well drastically change the way you acquire new business.  It’s not a tactic…nor a strategy.  It’s a powerful mindset that when used during consultations with prospective clients, sales calls, and interviews will lead to shocking results. 

It’s called the buyer’s mindset.  Allow me to explain through an example.  Imagine yourself sitting with a prospective client with the simple goal of acquiring her business.  

The large majority of us will ask some questions to undercover what problems the prospect has been facing – why other services haven’t worked, what motivated her to take a meeting with you, the goals of the business, etc.  This is a hugely important part of our sales process.

Then, most likely, you would start to rattle off all the ways that you and your company can help her – specific service offerings, social proof, product features, market differentiators, etc.  Perhaps you’ll point out how drastically different you are than the competition and have a leg up on all the other options she may be entertaining.  Then you discuss price, ask for the sale, and hope for the best.  

I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

What if YOU were the buyer in this scenario?  What if YOU had specific demands that needed to be met?  What if SHE was the one being interviewed?  What if you only took the BEST clients?

It could look like this…

“Hey Suzie, I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today.  I’m eager to learn more about you, your goals, and what brought you in today.  

You see, we are very selective of the clients that we accept here at XYZ Consulting.  We only take clients that are 100% ready for change, committed to our programs, and willing to be a positive member of our community.

Let’s start by you telling me what the catalyst was that resulted in you sitting here with me today?

Can you sense how that flips the script?  Do you see how you know come from a position of abundance versus scarcity?

The prospect, on both a conscious and subconscious level, now feels compelled to prove that she’s worthy of your service and not the other way around.  Let’s assume that the service being offered is a solid program that generates results for clients – if that’s not the case, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess the most critical piece of your business.  

When adopting the buyer’s mindset in situations like these, you may feel a bit of hesitation or reluctance.  That’s completely natural going in and expected.  That being said, it will most likely surprise you at how natural it will feel during your first conversation.  

Your confidence will skyrocket, your conversations will be highly engaging, and, most importantly, you’ll have far more productive meetings and sales calls.

Over the past two decades, I have taken my fair share of sales training courses with ample reading assignments and the dreaded role-plays in front of peers.  I have always felt that “dealing with objections” and “closing tactics” to be important skills.  They are, however, tactics and not an overarching mindset.  

In today’s dynamic marketplace, consumers and potential clients have unlimited options at their fingertips.  It’s overwhelming to many and the need for true connection with a service provider is more important than ever.

The Buyer’s Mindset is the starting point for that connection.  What you are offering is a fair exchange of value, and both sides of the equation must be convinced of the value being exchanged.  

It’s easy to slide back into a mindset of taking any and all business that comes your way.  But that won’t build the business of your dreams and you have to resist it with all your might.  Only taking the right clients will exponentially increase your chances of success, bolster fulfillment on both sides, and lay a foundation of a business that will generate referrals for decades to come.



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