Future of Fitness: the future of fitness will be an integrated approach among fitness, medical, and health care professionals on the care of the client or individual as a whole instead of each individual parts. Fitness will be focused on optimizing the human first and performance second with a focus on recovery, stress reduction, and the ability to move well. Training will involve a more multi-disciplinary approach of breathing techniques, martial arts, nutrition, and recovery to focus on how to optimize the minimal dose response of training due to the time restrictions of people. Due to the increase of technology and the loss of function, training will become more of movement literacy and efficiency rather than improving performance. The impact Advantage is trying to make is to provide the guide to understand where clients are and what is their true reasoning for training. We dig deeper to provide a clear and simple pathway to assist them to optimize their health, fitness, or performance in order to handle the demands of life or sport. Our goal is to create a more resilient person to not only handle the demands of life but to achieve the impossible, whether in life or sport. We do this by creating a unique environment and experience and constantly evolving our education and mindset. Spencer earned his degree in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University. He prides himself in studying the latest fitness trends and research. His philosophy on training focuses from the ground up and from the core outwards in proper movement patterns. He uses multiple disciplines of training when designing training systems and motivating people. Human performance is his passion in life. He has performed at high levels in his athletic career and knows what it takes to win. He was the starting linebacker at Ohio University, and a four time Junior Olympian in track and field in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, and 200 meter hurdles. During his time as a student-athlete, he was the president of the Ohio University and Mid-American Conference Student Athlete-Advisory Committee. He was selected as a National Representative of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for Division I-A, and the National Student-Athlete representative for Amateur and Agency for the NCAA.
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