Ep. 1 Ken Andrukow: The Core Differentiator is You


Ken Andrukow is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit located in Ramsay, Canada. He is an experienced business owner and mentor with a demonstrated history of building businesses that scale.

In this episode, he shared early stages working for his dad to becoming a successful entrepreneur owning a 7-figure business, how he overcame hardships, steps after surviving a health problem, his criteria of success, how he helps other entrepreneurs understanding their value, tips on aspiring entrepreneurs and many MORE!



  •         “Health is critical.  You can have all of those things that you want without first taking care of yourself.”
  •         “I define my success criteria of having a purpose, and having the freedom to choose whatever purpose of what is important to me and those around me that are close to me and how I want to live my life with that freedom of purpose.”
  •         “Every success, there’s a lot of failure.”
  •         “I don’t like making repeating mistakes. So I really work hard to fail so I can learn great lessons so that I can do bigger and better things the next time.”


Resources and Links

Reebok Crossfit Ramsay

Ken Andrukow’s LinkedIn

Level 5 Mentors




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