Ep. 11 Cody Loughlin: Money Talks

Cody Loughlin is the founder of 3 separate multi-million dollar companies and became a millionaire at 27! He has 20+ years in finance, real estate, internet marketing, and leadership training and is now the host of “The Money Talkers” podcast.

In this episode, he shares how he started as an entrepreneur and his journey to becoming a millionaire at 27. He also talks about his mission to serve entrepreneurial parents that want to pass down their legacy of knowledge around personal finance, entrepreneurship and a successful mindset, the challenges he has faced and much MORE!


  • “Basically, I want to bring the subjects of personal finance stewardship and successful mindset into the forefront. I want to give the necessary tools to parents so that they can open up their kid’s eyes with this stuff.”
  • “Ultimate goal and wealth creation is that your assets produce and then they start buying assets. When you get to that position, it’s a game-changer.”
  • “If you find yourself saying – ‘I need to do this’ then stop doing what you're doing and do the thing that you need to do.”

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