Ep. 12 Ken Andrukow: Helping Clients Feel Safe

As a successful entrepreneur who built multimillion-dollar businesses across several sectors, Ken Andrukow shared his insights on how to help clients feel safe, key factors on how business can still run despite the pandemic, and how important communication, convenience and consistency are.


  • “Be honest so people trust you too.”
  • “Ensure that people understand you're taking all the precautions to keep them safe, including keeping your business healthy and safe.”
  •  “I think it's important to set the context of what safe means. In today's day and age, everyone thinks safety is all about procedures you should have in place to make sure the brick and mortar facility you have, or clients are attending, is clean, and that you've got all of the proper things going on.”
  • “It’s ensuring that your clients understand you are a safe company to deal with, that you have plans in place, manage your cash flow appropriately for the current times, and you're not going anywhere. That's another part of feeling safe”

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