Ep. 13 Paul Higgins: Build. Live. Give

Paul Higgins is a Business Mentor, podcaster, and published author who helps Coaches & Consultants to Build Online Businesses to Fund Lifestyles. He has 26 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, finishing up an 18-year gig at The Coca-Cola Company leading the Marketing Strategy for a $700m+ Business Unit. In 2011 he left to manage his inherited kidney condition. He has founded and sold two businesses and had a successful transplant from his best mate in February 2019.

With his newfound energy, he loves to mentor, spend time with his teenage children, and play golf. He has a book called Build Live Give and 100% of the proceeds go to the Purple House.

In this episode, Paul shared how he founded Build Live Give, a mentoring company to help coaches and consultants build new revenue streams to fund their business. Paul also shared his inspiring story of how he started as an entrepreneur, dealt with a health problem and wrote his book: Build Live Give while in the hospital. He tells of his mission of mentoring coaches and consultants to build online businesses to fund lifestyles, and most importantly, to give back.



  • “I really saw the value of technology that they hadn't implemented in their business, and now are high performing”
  • “I really like to have a simple business model that works in your favor to fund your lifestyle. So I love subscription or retainer based business models. And I really look at how we can simplify this model.”
  • “You want to post organically and you want to get some people, you've got to do it as a group. You can't do it as an individual, it just doesn't work.”


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