Ep. 14 Tim Southwell: Yonder & The Business of Agritourism

Tim Southwell is a husband, father, farmer, and entrepreneur in the mountains of Montana focusing on permaculture principles resulting in healthy soils and nutrient-dense food options, he is the founder of Yonder, a booking platform which specializes in connecting people to life-enriching experiences in nature. All in a day's work on the farm. He is working to promote the benefits of connecting with nature and supporting farm to table endeavors while championing social and environmental causes directed towards building a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

In this episode, with his love for nature, Tim shared the idea of how he came up with Yonder, a new tool for discovering outdoor experiences, where you can discover and book a variety of overnight stays, farm activities, ranches, vineyards, and other nature immersive properties.


  •  “That vineyard, log house in the woods, beachfront property: when you open up that door and you step outside, you are in nature, it is upfront and personal.”
  •  “Your mind is blown in understanding Mother Nature, how this planet is designed to work in harmony, free and clear of man's meddling.”
  •  “The magic it can bring the guest, but the financial wherewithal that it can bring the local farmer and us as a society, I hope we continue to support our local farmers through our farmer's markets and through farm stay and farm visits.”

Resources and Links:

Facebook: findyouryonder
Twitter: @findyouryonder
Instagram: findyouryonder
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/tim-southwell-502432a/ 

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