Ep. 15 Mark Samuel: iWON and The Pursuit of Happiness

In this episode, we have Mark Samuels, the entrepreneur behind iWON Organics, a protein and fiber snack company. IWON stands for I’m Winning On Nutrition, and makes flavorful snacks from plant-based proteins such as peas, beans, and brown rice resulting in a balanced nutritional profile that's higher in protein and fiber than other snacks on the shelf. Iwon snacks can be found in close to 5,000 U.S. stores, with 1,000 more overseas.

He also shared how iWON Organics started, their mission to provide healthy snacks to consumers, entrepreneurship, his show “Let’s Eat” and his true definition of success and happiness.


  • “The founder needs to be the driver of all things.”
  •  “I am a fan of optimism and happiness.”
  • “To be truly successful in my view, you need to be happy.”

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