Ep. 17 Jake Bertelsen: World Class Tattoos & Integrity As The Shortcut

Jake Bertelsen: Tattoo Artist and owner of Bertelsen Art and Tattoo shop getting real with Eric Malzone!

Jake shares his story on becoming an entrepreneur, how being a tattoo artist changed his life, the struggles, keys to success, and his true definition of integrity.


  • “It was pretty cool because I feel like the quest to become a decent tattoo artist ended up totally changing my life. And it was really fun and exciting!”
  • “I really think that overall tattooing is probably one of the most amazing art forms out there.”
  • “If you're really going to have integrity, it's a continual search for honesty. Besides yourself, it's not just trying to do the right thing when no one's looking. It's this ever-evolving thing that ends up taking you to this deeper and deeper place of honesty inside yourself.”

Resources and Links

Jake’s personal Instagram

Bertelsen Art

Carry The Skull

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