Ep. 19 Ken Andrukow: What’s Important Now

As a successful business owner, Ken Andrukow has mastered being effective. This skill has enabled him to work smarter.

One of the easiest ways to keep our priorities in order is through focusing on W.I.N.- "What's Important Now?”.

This question can serve as a guide in helping to prioritize the choices and decisions we are facing daily and how to be real by focusing on our present moment thoughts, feelings and actions.


  • “When you make your whole life about work, other things start to fall away and become challenging. And then those challenges affect your work.”
  • “Think about all the things you have in front of you and pare it down to what's important right now. 90% of them fall away and then you just work on the thing that's most important.”
  • “When you have an entrepreneur who's standing in his own way, and doing too much work, they don't have the ability to ask those questions. Because they're so confused by how many things are going on.”

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