Ep. 2 Eric Carlson – Sweatpants Test and Contrarian Marketing

Eric Carlson is the Co-Founder of 10XFactory, an exclusive entrepreneurship community with 1,000+ members worldwide. He is also the founder of One Cup Media, a high powered agency whose successes include the fastest-growing subscription box ever on CrateJoy, the fastest-growing direct to consumer golf brands in the US, and one of the fastest-growing functional beverage brands in the world. Prior to these achievements, he managed over $100m in advertising. Responsible for and generated ROI on budgets as large as $4m/mo via internet, radio and TV marketing specializing in SaaS, communities and e-Commerce. He also worked for the largest privately-held financial newsletter in the world, Agora Inc, and was the Chief Marketing Officer for a private equity fund for 6 years before founding his own companies.

In this episode, we talked about his transition working in a marketing firm, learning e-commerce to successful digital marketer, co-founder of 10XFactory and Sweatpants Agency. He also cites some companies that he helped to successfully grow, tips as a marketer, and applying contrarian marketing thought.


  •         “Always know that you’re in control of your own destiny.”
  •         “Time is probably the most valuable asset.”
  •         “There’s so much blocks in your life. I’ve had the moments where I’ve made over $100,000 and I’ve had moments where I lost $15,000”


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Sweatpants Agency

10X Factory

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