Ep. 20 Dr. Sean Pastuch: Active Life RX & The Evolutions from Fitness To Health Profession

Dr. Sean Pastuch is a thought leader in the health and fitness world whose industry-disrupting company, Active Life RX, is bridging the gap between performance and rehabilitation. Dr. Sean feels that the larger the problem, the more valuable the solution is.

For Dr. Sean, the biggest problem worth solving is the absence of healthcare and the abundance of sick care in the United States and Internationally. That’s why the mission of Active Life is to humanize the doctor, professionalize the coach, and empower the individual.

There is a core truth: businesses need to change and adapt. It’s a core part of the business process. Dr. Sean talks about “change” towards a more beneficial business mindset, the growth of his business, and how he can execute with change to create more opportunities. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, his history in the fitness industry and his personal growth throughout this journey. 



  • “Things will need to change in your business.”
  • “We were willing to take it on, whenever the challenge was, we could figure out how to persevere through it.”
  • “I need to change my personal mindsets so that my business mindset can grow. Then I need to execute that change, so it creates more opportunities. Then I'll need to change my mindset again to be able to accommodate those opportunities”


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