Ep. 22 Denis Vidmar: MushHub & The Future of Fungi

Denis Vidmar grew up on mushroom farms scattered across the world from Zlatko to Asia to Europe, and now, North America! His fascination and passion grew in the last decade as he evolved from Button White, Cremini and Portabella, into Exotic, Wild & Medicinal Mushrooms. He believes your refrigerator should be your medicine cabinet and that path begins with Mushrooms.

They are an ingredient which should be included in all meals!  Because of the vast varieties and taste profiles, there is a Mushroom capable of highlighting each and every meal.

Denis educates us on the tremendous health benefits and magical power of mushrooms, how they benefit the environment, the culinary world, and his company MushHub!



  • “Mushrooms will definitely be the chat of the decade.”
  • “I find that every month forward from now on we're going to find a way of how mushrooms are interrelated with what we do on a day to day basis.”
  • “We all believe in fungi and we should.”



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