Ep. 25 Christopher Udall: Clarity Road & The Profitability of Peace

Risk averse is the antithesis of Christopher. He is a tenacious doer who finds a need and leads. He founded a nonprofit in the Middle East countering extremist recruitment by providing vocational, entrepreneurial, and leadership paths amongst refugees in order to rebuild their lives, communities, and peace. 

He has conducted infiltrative financial investigations in child organ and sex trafficking in Romanian brothels and rural communities in order to effectively and sustainably counter the inflow of child recruits. 

Christopher has also lived among and served the indigenous populations of Southern Mexico. 

He is a TEDx speaker, 20 under 40 entrepreneurial award winner, and a former player of unicycle basketball. 

As an expert in growth strategy he recently co-founded a growth strategy facilitation company Clarity Road, to guide teams in thinking better together and transforming uncomfortable challenges to extraordinary success.

If you could create a better and more peaceful world, what would you change? 

Here, Christopher shares how he built Rebuild for Peace, a Non-Profit organization focused on providing vocational education, peace training, leadership and entrepreneurship training to youth which are mostly refugees.

Christopher explains how the way to a more peaceful world can be profitable along with his passion for changing the world and building peace in the wake of violent conflict.


  • “So when I talk about peace and the profitability of peace, it’s how we deal with conflict. And dealing with conflict within a corporate structure, within a corporate culture, and changing or allowing change in that culture to be more collaborative.”

  • “I think the core change in there was that economic peace finding a different economic structure to fund the use development and lifestyle, these more extremist causes that are often too profitable.”

  • “My dream is to become the expert in the field of youth economic development.”

  • “I believe that vocational education is the mindset of challenging your identity. Because you can take something that's broken, something that's unused, you can recycle it, repurpose it and create something both functional and beautiful with that”

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