Ep. 26 Getting Out of Your Own Way

You probably have many reasons why you don’t get things done. Most of them are beyond your control.

Instead of focusing on things you can’t control, focus on your worst enemy, the one that you can control - yourself.

In this episode, seasoned entrepreneur Ken Andrukow shares tips that will help you get out of your own way to finally be able to get things done and be productive.


  • “I think it starts with realizing that by not managing your time and intention appropriately, you're working on things that are beyond your capability.”
  • “Standing in your own way looks like spending 80% of your time doing things you're not very good at and things that you don't like to do”
  • “The most important day and most important intention is when to stop. When you take a day where you don't do anything that feels like work, you can rejuvenate back to a creative state and be excited about going back into either creative days or focus days”

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