Ep. 27 Kiah Hochstetler: Goodworks Evergreen & Keeping Communities Profitable

Kiah Hochstetler is a third generation Montanan who grew up on a horse farm and is deeply rooted in this place. He is the COO for Goodworks Ventures and works directly with its portfolio companies. It’s his declaration to help people and organizations achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. Having founded two startups, one failed, one merged, he has deep empathy for the challenges and celebrations awaiting those who are bold enough to claim the title Entrepreneur. Glacier National Park is Kiah's happy place, so much so he got married in the Park, outside, in -15 degree weather.

Goodworks Ventures launches Evergreen, a new effort to purchase stable, profitable companies and help them grow under new leadership. We discuss how good relationships and networks are essential along with the business model they use at GoodWorks. They have a mission to provide transition opportunities to retiring owners by acquiring their local businesses, with the goal of keeping quality jobs within the community.


  • “I think humans should focus their time and energy on things more important than repetitive tasks that machines can do.”
  • “Failure is a unique teacher.”
  • “I think in Montana, it's relationships and just building that network.”
  • “I'm really fortunate to work at Goodworks in a place where we do value, the holistic approach to all these things, and community is really important.”

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