Ep. 28 Jared Jamison: The Disruption of Architecture & Engineering Industry

Jared Jamison is an accomplished engineering executive with over 20 years’ experience in management, operations, finance and business strategy. He has been treasurer and served on boards of directors for several organizations. He is a speaker, writer, and adviser on topics of business management and strategy with an emphasis on the A/E industry.

Jared is a registered professional engineer with BS and MS degrees in engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). He has been adjunct faculty at the VCU, teaching business planning to MBA students. He recently started AE Ascend, a consulting and educatonal company.

Great strategies with great execution leads to success. In this episode, Jared narrows down the broad industry of engineering and architecture while sharing his journey leading him to founding AE Ascend, helping architects and engineers climb to new heights with innovative ways to approaching business.



  • “The industry is eventually going to change. And in this whole pandemic, what the study is pointing out is that it's pushing it to change.”
  • “When everyone's together in the same office space, it's easy to be able to share your knowledge, your expertise. Everyone can see these implicit behaviors occurring in the workplace, which drives culture, values and beliefs.”
  • “If your clients and their needs are changing, it's probably good. You're probably going to need to change your business model as well.”


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