Ep. 3 Matt Lawless – The Business of Building Trust

Matt Lawless is from the United Kingdom. He is the owner and CEO of Vital Certificates Ltd.  Their company helps citizens to live, work, and move abroad through a range of documentation, legalization, notary, and apostille services. They are the only UK company to provide this service worldwide.

In this episode, we talked about how he started as an entrepreneur, having background with music to working in the corporate world to business owner. He also shared some critical factors of success, an impressive story of building business owner-client trust and relationship and the mission of his company helping ambitious professionals to make their move abroad that is much easier by proving services of legalization, verification, translation, concierge, or simply taking clients’ officially-issued documents from one country and make them ready for use in another and they can deal with documents from over 100 countries. You will learn lots of insights from Matt!


  • “Not doing something is scary than doing something.”
  • “One positive thing this time is it brings people in the world together and people become more agile.”
  • “Success revolves around a happy state of mind and whatever you’re doing, you’re not pushing things backward.”
  • “If you are pushing towards what you’re trying to achieve and you feel like you’re making headway, I think that is also a success.”

Resources and Links:

Connect with Matt

Vital Consular


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