Ep. 4 Brendan Hsu: Aerial Canvas & Real Estate Disruption


Brendan Hsu is from San Francisco, California. He has 10 years experience in entrepreneurship and marketing, he helps brokers, agents, designers, stagers, architects, builders and more, take control of their business and start reaching their goals. He manages Aerial Canvas which is a real estate marketing company in San Francisco Bay.

In this episode, we talked about how he started in his entrepreneurial journey in such a young age, his first business, Fyx it, which is computer and phone repair business and how he made million dollars a year revenue. His experience in entrepreneur and marketing also lead him to manage Aerial Canvas, a full-service agency that consistently provides the highest quality photography, cinematography, aerial drone services, 3D tours, websites, and other real estate marketing solutions. He shared why it is growing and why it is a proven “WOW” to their clients!

Enjoy the show!



  • “I believe everyone is entrepreneurial.”
  • “It’s about creating a win for yourself, win for others and ultimately that’s what entrepreneurism is about.”
  • It’s about creating solutions, creating opportunities and the more of those that you can create for not just yourself, but for others the more successful you’ll become”

Resources and Links:

Aerial Canvas

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Reach Brendan: 650-850-2431


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