Ep. 47 - Justin Angle: The Future of Higher Education

Justin rode on the podcast wave with his belief that Listening overpowers Reading, and it dramatically improved students' retention of the concepts and instilled ideas in a deeper way. In his perspective, higher education doesn't necessarily have an ingredient problem; we have a packaging problem; how do we take what we do, package, and deliver it in creative ways that are more accessible and useful to people. He's an advocate of creating an immersive learning experience to understand day-to-day topics.


In this episode, we have Justin Angle. He is a teacher, scholar, story-teller, athlete, husband, and father. He's executed $100 million bond trades, run 100-mile races, published in outlets like The Washington Post, and repeatedly failed to get his two daughters to bed without a battle. He's a business professor at the University of Montana and the host of A New Angle podcast.


In this episode, we talked about:


  • What inspired Justin to start "A New Angle podcast."
  • Reading vs. Listening | What's more, nurturing
  • The future of higher education
  • Why should people go for higher education
  • Repercussions of wiping out the nation's student-loan debt
  • How Justin would rebuild the higher education system from scratch if it was his Job
  • Justin shed light on the current situation in universities
  • Unexpected challenges during Zoom Calls | Justin's Eyeball check method
  • Role of advanced technologies like VR in education
  • And MUCH MORE!




Resources and Links:


Justin's Instagram: @angleman

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/angleman

Podcast Website: www.anewanglepodcast.com

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