Ep. 53 - Elliot Roe: You're Not Your Issues

Elliot Roe is a hypnotherapist, mindset, and performance coach who helps individuals in high-demand industries unlock their abilities to full potential, eliminate fears and break mental roadblocks. He works with professionals such as UFC Champions, Wall Street Trades, High-stake Poker Players, Professional Gamblers, and CEOs, typically with a theme of those within the top 50 in their industry.

Elliot hosts The A-Game Advantage Podcast. He is also the voice and co-founder of the Primed Mind performance coaching app. 

In this episode, we talked about:

⦁         How effective is a hypnotherapist?

⦁         Building a business experience for your reputation.

⦁         What stops you from reaching the next level?

⦁         How does adjusting your subconscious release your full potential?

⦁         What is in your mindset perspective?

⦁         Passionate work, why it matters.

⦁         Removing the blocks and procrastination.



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