Ep. 6 Lisa Simone Richards: Public Relations & Building Authority Fast

Lisa Simone Richards is a publicist for online coaches who want to get seen as experts and go from invisible to influencer. She’s here to show you how to build your brand, business & influence. Lisa Simone helps her clients get free visibility and get in front of their ideal client, but also build the credibility that gets clients to take the next step and invest in working with you. When she’s not shooting national TV segments or working with editors on magazine features, you can find her swinging a kettlebell, getting her zen on at hot yoga, or shopping at her local farmer’s market. In this episode she shared how she got into Public Relations to become a successful publicist, how she help her clients, importance of relationships and many MORE!


  • “You want something done, you gotta do it yourself.”
  • “I know how to find the right person and how to make impression with them with a pitch.”
  • “Relationships obviously make it easy, but just because you may not have the relationship doesn’t mean it’s not possible.”

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