Ep. 7 Casey Stanton: Rise of the Fractional CMO


Casey Slaughter Stanton started CMOx to help 7-figure health, fitness, technology and manufacturing companies grow faster with a part-time chief marketing officer. His Functional Marketing® process is the cornerstone of CMOx’s services, which gives predictable results to both B2B and B2C companies.

Marketing expert turned Successful fractional CMO, now teaching marketers how to be fractional CMOs. Owned my own company since 2008. Lived in New Orleans where he was a professor of marketing at Tulane University. Sold everything, bought an RV and traveled the US and Canada for 3 years with wife Adelaide and their dog to find the perfect city. Moved to Philly in January 2019.

In this episode, we talked about his humble beginnings, his travels, being a marketer, strategic plans to business growth, the nature of his business “Offering Fractional CMO’s for High Growth 7+ Figure Businesses” and many MORE!



  • “I’m going to be a student of myself on the back of that lawnmower and I would crush like Tony Robbins seminars.”
  • “It’s your time and you only get to do if you only get this thing called life once, right?”


Resources and Links:

Company Website

Casey’s Personal Website

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