Ep. 8 Ken Andrukow: Effective Time Management

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Ken Andrukow is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit located in Ramsay, Canada. He is an experienced business owner and mentor with a demonstrated history of building businesses that scale.

Being conscious of time will result in self-improvement and goal achievement. That’s true in both your work and personal life. In this episode, we talked about how a busy entrepreneur manages his time yet still be productive and how free time helps to rejuvenate mind and think of a new way to become more creative and efficient.



  •         “And the only way I could think to do that was, be in a free mindset as much as I was in a work mindset.”
  •         “If you’re a CEO, founder, entrepreneur, you can work from anywhere at any time. But if you don’t have intention about the type of work you’re actually doing and when you’re doing it, I think it becomes less valuable.”



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