Ep.16 Elin Linqvist & Marko Oivo: OPEX Aland & The Business of Individualized Coaching

Elin Lindqvist and Marko Oivo opened their gym in July 2016. They opened as CrossFit North AX and worked with the CrossFit and group fitness model for 3-5 years before they transitioned over to an OPEX gym, primarily focusing on individualized coaching. 

In this episode, they talked about how they provide clients with guidance, tools, and over time knowledge to be autonomous in their health and fitness. Building relationships with each of their clients is paramount to their success. They discuss individual fitness and how it differs from other models along with their concept of 100% Individualized coaching - individualizing the prescription (exercise, nutrition, and recovery) to take them from where they are currently, moving forward towards where they want to be.



  • “It's showing that we really care about the basic things in health and taking care of yourself”
  • “We have a limit to how many clients we can serve per coach before needing to hire more people, which is a challenge to find the right individual to coach with us.”
  • “I would say an ideal client is a person who is willing to put in the effort in actually listening and changing things in their lives.”

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