Ep.46 Pat LaPointe: A Starters Guide to Angel Investing

Have you ever heard of Entrepreneurship addiction? For Pat, it’s real. He enjoys being around in the early days of startups when things are being created and helps define a vision and breathe life into them. What truly differentiates him is his relentless ability to face the uncertainty and risks that an early-stage startup carries along with itself. Pat shares his vision for balancing Montana’s entrepreneurial growth and making it a thriving economy without disrupting the environment.

In this episode, we have Pat LaPointe, an entrepreneur who built and sold three companies in the marketing and data analytics field. These days he brings a very entrepreneur-friendly approach to angel and venture investing, and is on the Board of the Angel Capital Association. With a portfolio of over 40 investments and afflicted by endless curiosity, Pat enjoys learning about new business models and innovative technologies and loves helping entrepreneurs find their path to growth and success. Pat has generated hundreds of $millions of returns to his shareholders. And he failed just often enough to maintain a healthy level of humility.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Who are Angel Investors, their roles, and how does angel investing works
  • About Frontier Angels
  • How Montana is becoming the next Silicon Valley
  • Pat’s vision for balancing Montana’s growth and making it a thriving economy while preserving the wild ecosystem.
  • And MUCH MORE!

Resources and Links:

Frontier Angels Website:  frontierangels.com

Pat’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/plapointe

Pat’s Twitter: twitter.com/measureman

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