Ep.48 Josh McCain: Big Sky Bravery & Serving Special Operators

For Josh, the quest for emotional ROI is unparalleled. It all started with an idea to facilitate meaningful conversation between civilians and the military's active duty special operations forces. What they do for us speaks for itself, but in the meantime, their emotional well-being and psychological needs often get neglected. This proved to be a tremendous epiphany for Josh, as he founded Big Sky Bravery to support special-operation forces through structured activities and mentorship. In essence, the BSB program is centered on three core principles that not only help them to reconnect with themselves but serve as a way to decompress.


It's not hard to understand why Josh has such a deep desire to honor the military. With family ties to the JSOC community, McCain saw a growing, unmet need and decided to do something about it. He knew that the mountains of Montana offered endless adventure and could show these adrenaline-fueled warriors how to find excitement and enjoy life at home instead of feeling bored and yearning to get back in action. Although most of America's troops have pulled out of the Middle East, thousands of Special-Operations Forces (SOF) remain, and after multiple deployments, returning stateside takes adjustment. Josh's desire is to help with this transition, and with that epiphany, Big Sky Bravery was born. Josh quit his job and set up shop in Bozeman, MT.



In this episode, we talked about:


  • Josh's background and why he's gravitated towards supporting Special Operations
  • What mission Big Sky Bravery is serving
  • Three core principles of the BSB foundation
  • Josh's vision to scale BSB impact
  • How to volunteer for week-long task forces | Criteria and what to expect
  • "Our problems are almost made up" - Eric | Here's why
  • And MUCH MORE!






Resources and Links:


Mission Bravery Website: http://www.bigskybravery.org/mission

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshmccain


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