Ep.49 Liz Marchi: Building Communities of Entrepreneurs

Liz's world orbits around making an impact that lasts a lifetime and fostering an entrepreneurial community in Montana. What makes her persistent even in the face of uncertainty is her will to be part of building something that does nothing but makes lives healthier, longer, and more robust. At Two Bear Capital, Liz, with her team, currently focuses on biotech innovation in Montana to ensure a good foundation for the next generation of diseases. Liz aspires to elevate science around the state and inspire women's representation in STEM to build a better tomorrow.


Liz leads Two Bear Capital's community engagement and partnerships. She is a pioneer in building access to equity capital and high-value startups in nontraditional locations. She founded and led Montana-based Frontier Angels, www.frontierangels.com, for 12 years, seeding more than $20 million in very early-stage capital. Liz will engage the firm and our portfolio companies with a broad network of investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to support the TBC mission of doing well and doing good. She is a graduate of Hollins College in Virginia, where she served as a Trustee. Liz lives on a ranch and is a lover of gardening, global travel, reading, and her three corgis.


In this episode, we talked about:


  • Big tech players of Montana
  • Montana's extraordinary history of biotech innovation
  • Liz role as head of community engagement at Two Bear Capital
  • Best piece of advice for Building a professional network
  • Two essential traits that dictate a higher likelihood of success
  • And MUCH MORE!



Resources and Links:


Recommend Book - The Four Agreements: https://amzn.to/3ckB69u

Two Bear Capital Website:https://twobearcapital.com

Frontier Angels Website: https://www.frontierangels.com

Liz's Twitter: https://twitter.com/lizmarchi

Liz's Personal Email: [email protected]

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