Ep.51 Malou Anderson-Ramirez: Teal Tags - The Intersection of technology and Regenerative Agriculture

Raised on the family ranch, Malou grew up feeling aware of her own connection with the natural world. Having a background in psychology adds a whole nother element to her ability to psychoanalyze people. She is changing the narrative of the stories around our food systems and becoming the cornerstone to bring innovation to agriculture. Malou is all for pairing technology, data, and land ethics for a better and more resilient tomorrow in agriculture.


A multi-generational Montanan, raised mainly in Tom Miner Basin, at the family ranch neighboring Yellowstone Park. After years away in school and an early career in human behavior and social work, I came back to Tom Miner Basin and re-learned ranching as an adult, witnessing first-hand the challenges ranchers face in wild places. While out riding and looking for a calf lost to predators (mainly grizzly bears and/or wolves, the idea came of a low-cost ear tag for cattle ranchers could use to better manage their livestock in wilderness areas. The real-time data which could help protect and conserve the rancher's way of life, the wildlife, and the wilderness- all simultaneously.

Also started and currently working in the Tom Miner Basin Association- a group centered around making our ranching community resilient and adaptable through shared learning and coexistence practices. Married a great guy, Andres, who builds tiny custom houses. Together, they are raising our greatest joys- two daughters- Esmé and Hasell.


In this episode, we talked about:


  • Sneak Peek in the life of a Rancher
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Why Malou doesn't recommend going vegan | Things to consider
  • The current problem in Agriculture
  • What role can we play to support the agriculture
  • How much land do you need to be a rancher | How to get started
  • About Tom Miner Basin Association


Resources and Links:


Malou's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/malou-anderson-ramirez-54653a69

Teal Tag Website: https://www.tealenterprises.org

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