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Get Unstuck and Grow Your Business

It happens to the best of businesses. You’ve got a great product. You’re constantly complimented on your customer service. You’ve got a steady list of customers banked. But your revenues are flatlining. Growth has stalled. If you don’t get back to growth, your costs will eventually overtake your revenues and your business will die.

It’s starting to keep you awake at night. A voice nags away inside your head: “Why isn’t my business growing?” it asks, over and over.  No matter how hard you try, the colossal amount of energy you put in, you can’t find the answer. What’s really going on here?

Aggressive sales leave you punch drunk

You’ve tried aggressive sales tactics. You’ve been out and focused on winning new customers. You’ve done all you can think of to persuade existing customers to increase their purchases. Nothing has worked. All that’s happened is you wasted time and energy, and spent valuable cash. You look at your sales pipeline, and it’s hardly shifted. You’ve tried everything you can think of, but without taking a risk, you’re stuck. And you just don’t feel a risk is worth taking.

It’s not exciting anymore

That get up and go you used to have? It got and went. Or it’s decided to make only the odd appearance, before hiding away again. That buzz has all but disappeared. No matter how hard you try to make the business exciting to you again, it’s starting to drag you under. What is it? Cash flow problems? A lack of time? Do you just find the whole process boring now?

You’re starting to feel the pressure

Okay, so financially you’re in a reasonable position. For now. But you’ve started to notice that the pressure of trying to boost your business is taking its toll. You’re not eating as well as you used to – fast food on the go is to blame for that. You’ve put on a few pounds. That’s probably because you’ve lost the urge to exercise like you used to.

You no longer have a life

You used to enjoy life. Your business was never all about the money. It was about the time. The money it generated bought you the time to live the lifestyle you love. This is no longer the case. You’re either chasing sales or dallying with distractions. You know you must get back on track, but the question is, how? If you could adjust your time management habits, your enjoyment of life would return.

You’re doing it all

You had a dream of building a business, and for a while you did well. Now your business growth is restricted because you need to do it all. In fact, you’re the only one who can do it. The support you do have just isn’t robust enough to help take your business to the next level.

Missed goals are holding you back

Goals are awesome, but not if you only evaluate yourself on those you miss. This could be because you’ve had so much success to date, or that you simply overanalyze failure. You get scared to take a risk, and don’t carry lessons forward.

Your profits are stuck, or have started to reverse

Is it the size of your business that’s holding you back, or the size of the market? You look around and see your competitors innovating and adding services. You can’t keep up. You may have hit the ceiling of your capability, but there are strategies you can employ to switch things up before those profits become losses.

Get unstuck and return to growth

At Level 5 Mentors, we have over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience to put at your disposal. Periods of growth always start with a thorough and honest assessment. We’ve composed this short assessment to help you find out how prepared you are to accelerate to the levels of success you dream of.

It only takes a couple of minutes. Read through the four statements under each header and click on which you believe most mirrors your mindset. Click the ‘Get My Results’ button, and learn if you are ready to get unstuck and return to growth.